Can u Imagine ? How big companies managing there Huge amount of data Per day i.e Big Data

  • what is Date & Big data
  • Problem facing by big companies to store huge amount of data which is coming through various medium
  • How these company managing and storing there data
  • which mindset or Architecture they are using
  • Solution this Problem


Big Data

Importance of big data

How much data is produced every day?

Social Media and Big Data

Facebook — 2.5 Billion Pieces Of Content And 500+ Terabytes Ingested Every Day

Big data also encompasses a wide variety of data types, including the following

  • structured data in databases and data warehouses based on Structured Query Language (SQL);
  • unstructured data, such as text and document files held in Hadoop clusters or NoSQL database systems; and
  • semistructured data, such as web server logs or streaming data from sensors.

How big data is stored and processed

In cloud environments, big data can be stored in the following:

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS);
  • lower-cost cloud object storage, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3);
  • NoSQL databases; and
  • relational databases.
  • YARN, Hadoop’s built-in resource manager and job scheduler, which stands for Yet Another Resource Negotiator but is commonly known by the acronym alone;
  • the MapReduce programming framework, also a core component of Hadoop;
  • Kafka, an application-to-application messaging and data streaming platform;
  • the HBase database; and
  • SQL-on-Hadoop query engines, like Drill, Hive, Impala and Presto.



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