What is Jenkins and Industrial Use Case of it …

What is Continuous Integration?

What is Jenkins ?

Let us understand its importance with a use-case

Companies using Jenkins

Jenkins Market Share and Competitors in Software Development Tools

Top Industries that use Jenkins

Continuous Integration Example: Nokia

Who uses Jenkins?

  • Netflix uses Jenkins for continuous integration and deployment. As soon as a line of code has been built and tested locally using Nebula(A collection of Gradle plugins built by Netflix). The first step is to push the updated source code to a git repository.
  • Once the change is committed, a Jenkins Job is triggered. Netflix started with a single massive Jenkins master in their datacenter, and now they run 25 Jenkins masters in AWS.
  • Jenkins Job is configured to invoke Nebula to build, test and package the application code. If the repository built is a library, Nebula publishes the .jar to the artifact repository and if the repository built is an application, then the Nebula ospackage(operation system package) plugin would be executed.
  • Using the Nebula ospackage plugin, an application’s build artifact would be bundled into either a Debian or RPM package whose contents are defined via a simple Gradle-based DSL(Domain Specific Language)

Use Case of Jenkins with Actifio

  • Historical build data: Jenkins stores a log of every deployment. This information will be very useful for troubleshooting and auditing purposes. Every database, along with the settings and version, that was provisioned for testing are stored.
  • Self Services: Users can refresh databases from the Jenkins portal, enabling self-service capabilities. There is no need for them to login to servers and restart applications & database services.
  • Automated: By integrating with Source Code Management (SCM), developers can commit the code, and the entire automated build process is automatically triggered resulting in code build and databases provisioned using the latest data.
    Governance: Actifio can ensure that sensitive data is masked using the automated workflow features, and users are only allowed access to the masked data. It also provides visibility of which target hosts have access to which database.
  • Agnostic: By decoupling the databases from compute, Jenkins can easily refresh the Actifio-managed databases without impacting the host during the refresh process. Actifio is also agnostic to any storage or compute platforms and is available on-premises and in any public cloud.



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